8 Species on Twitter

Twitter has , as a result there are now more than 360 million users using this social media platform to stay in touch with their friends and the outside world. It is a good way to ‘connect with those whom you SHOULD know’. Every day around 230 million tweets are done everyday and this is enough to showcase the popularity of Twitter.

When there are so many people then it is too obvious to see people of different mindsets tweeting unique everyday. But there are few people who can commonly be spotted on your Twitter timeline.

Contest Lovers:

This category of tweetoholics is commonly visible in every TL. Mainly, they are dedicated to playing contests held by various brands. Their main motto of using Twitter is to win something unique and if not then a goody bag is also a great thing to get for free. They tweet anything around a hashtag. You’ll see a lot of RTs by them which might not interest you but yes, you follow them because deep down you like what they tweet.

Contest Lovers

Contest Lovers

Sex Enthusiasts:

This is a bold category of the society. They are least bothered what people think about them and they say whatever they think will grab attention of the people. No doubt, this is one topic on which everyone around the world is ready to hear about. These tweeples are so exuberant about sex that they cannot stop themselves sharing their dirty little secrets on a social media platform. And the best part is they get attention.

Sex Enthusiasts

Sex Enthusiasts

Data Specialists:

This is one of the most educated species on Twitter or they know how to flaunt their knowledge. You will find people sharing intense data with proper figures. It might confuse you at times but its ok till the time you are not interacting with them. If in any case you raised a question around their tweet, trust me, you are going to get bombarded with a lot of digits and information.

Data Specialists

Data Specialists

Love Hunters:

At times I think, the world is so big and people are too busy to find love in person, so maybe that’s the reason they hunt it on social media platforms. While you read such tweets you can actually imagine that this tweet was written with tears in eyes. But yes, their target audience is surely girls who reply them back with ‘awwww’.

Love Hunters

Love Hunters


There are thousand of rebellions on twitter who are just not happy with their governments. They always have some numerous issues to talk about. From inflation to the construction of a new bridge, they can find fault anywhere. I am sure, they want to become the president and that is the reason they take twitter as the Parliament.



Blue color obsessed:

They are either new to Twitter or they are exceptionally active on Instagram. This segment of Twitter addicts are the ones who can add hashtags on every word. As a result, their tweets look like a streak of blue line that never ends. Additionally, they never forget to mention their friends to add a little more pinch of blue to it.

Blue color obsessed

Blue color obsessed

Blah Blah Champions:

As you can suggest with the title, yes it’s the same group of people I am talking about. They are everywhere on Twitter, they don’t know what to write so they tweet anything that first hits their minds. Additionally, it would a little illogical at your end if you are trying to find the logical behind their tweets.

Blah Blah Champions

Blah Blah Champions

Attention Seekers:

This twitter brigade is the digital version of some people who already prevail in our lives. They are the ones who get tired easily, when they are ill they need someone to pamper them, they tell everyone what they ate in their breakfast and never forget to say good night to every one. You might take them as most generous ones but actually they are seeking for your attention.

Attention Seekers

Attention Seekers

Actually, these are the people who make our Twitter TL interesting enough that now we are addicted to it.  


New Facebook Insights – Part 2

In continuation to the previous blog, New Facebook Insights – Part 1 now we will be digging into insights a little further.

Posts Tab

This tab is absolutely new with great new features. Through this, you can know your fans’ behavior. It has been divided into major three pages:

  • All Posts
  • When Your Fans Are Online
  • Best Post type

All Posts:

This is the section where you can check each and every post. This will help you understand what kinds of posts work for your brand. So, now understanding this report you can plan your content accordingly. You can compare between posts based on various metrics.

All posts section

All posts section

On the basis of reach, post clicks and engagement the above data is fetched. It is somewhat similar to the previous version but with new color schemes. The best part of this section has to be the metrics. In reach you can have specific data like paid/organic and fans/non-fans.

Choose between reach metrics.

Choose between reach metrics.

Similarly, you will get a drop down menu to choose the metrics in engagement section.

Choose between metrics.

Choose between metrics.

When Your Friends Are Online

Till now, we have heard that if you really want to know the right time when your Facebook fans are online then use hit and try method! We have been posting on different times to check exactly at what time our fans are online. The new algorithm has reduced this work to minimal as now we can see how many fans are online at what time.

Facebook has divided this into two i.e. Days and Time.

Days explains us the average number of fans who see my post on a given day of the week. In the below graph you can see most of my page fans are active on Sunday followed by Tuesday. So, if there is anything very important I want to share I probably will use these two days.

Days when maximum engagement is recorded.

Days when maximum engagement is recorded.

To get the in-depth insights of your fans’ behavior the next graph is going to be a great help. Time graph tells us what is the time in a day when your most of the fans are online.

In this graph, you can see most of my page fans are active at 9 PM. Now, if I post at 9 I can expect more engagement on the page because the visibility of my posts would be much higher at this time.

Time duration of your fans being online.

Time duration of your fans being online.

Best Post Types:

This segment tells you kinds of updates that drive different level of engagement on the page. It is categorized into Status updates, video postings, image posts and link sharing.

For my page image type posts work absolutely fine. Isn’t it?

What kind of updates work on your page.

What kind of updates work on your page.

People Tab:

In this tab, you will get the complete insight of your fans. Just like the last version you will see here age, gender and location of your fan base.

The only addition here is people reached and people engaged. So, here you can see people fans/non-fans that have been reached or engaged in past 28 days.

If your most of the fans reached are men just like me then there is no harm in changing your content strategy keeping your fan base in mind.

Evaluate - Age, Gender, Geographical location of people engaged and reached.

Evaluate – Age, Gender, Geographical location of people engaged and reached.

Everything that you see in new Facebook insight is planned to cater you a better understanding of your page, content and of course ultimately your Target Audience.


New Facebook Insights – Part 1

A social media executive has to be well versed with every change that occurs in various platforms. When most of the people get to know that you are working in a social media team they do not take you seriously. According to them, you are being paid to access Facebook and Twitter in the office. But the truth is, working on a new strategy is not an easy task. Evaluating a campaign is another big thing that every SM executive is supposed to do. After evaluating reporting is something that consumes a lot of time. Major SM channels are contributing a lot to make reporting easier for us. Recently, Facebook came up with new insights.

Isn’t it true that most of us ignored it? We were using the same ‘export data’ feature. I was going through these insights few days back when I realized it is a great way to understand your fans’ behavior along with the reporting.

New Facebook Insights.

 When you click the see all all section in the page insight box you will get these options:

  • Overview

  • Page

  • Post

  • People

The Overview Tab

This section basically acts like Index page of a book. It’s the same Facebook insights with a little bit of new looks and interface.

You can get a lot of useful information in one go which includes Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement. Within the same tab you’ll be able to compare data of two weeks together.

Facebook new insights have shown us that the engagement is not just through likes, comments and shares but also the number of clicks on the posts.

New Facebook Insight

Comparison of data on weekly basis.

The Page Tab

 This section is majorly categorized in three parts that are:

  • Page Likes

  • Post Reach

  • Page Visits

Page Likes:

This is a unique and a new way to access the data between a time period. The new insights have made our work simpler as now there is no need to set the date (though the option is still there). What all you need to do is slide the bar between desired dates. You can also switch the data using the three buttons on the top which are for a week, month and a quarter.

Facebook Date Slider

Facebook Date Slider

The second graph on the page is of the total number of likes on the page. It breaks the data on a day to day basis. You can see on what date, how many fans did you have.

Total number of page likes

Total number of page likes

The third graph is Net Likes. This is a great representation of the number of likers gained or lost in a day. The new insights give us the leverage to know exactly how many likes gained through paid ads or organically. In the previous version there were just two graphs one was for likes and another for unlikes. Now, you will not have to calculate the number of fans increased or decreased because the net likes graph gives you the right data. It automatically applies the formula:

Net Likes = (Total number of likes on a day) – (Total number of unlikes in a day)


The last one is the source of likes. This graph tells you from where you are getting your likers on daily basis. As an example, you can see in the below graph that majorly, my page likes are coming through page suggestions. Through this, I can also check how many page likes are coming thorough mobile devices or from Application Programmer Interface (API).


Post Reach:

This is the tab through which you can get data based on post level. Your paid posts, organic posts, comments, shares, likes, etc.

The first graph on this page tells how many people reached through paid posts or organically. In the below graph, you can see the organic reach of 3,123 as I have not run any advertisement to boost any post.


Most of the social media professional face this problem, that they do not know what kind of posts are working for their brands. Hence, this feature is going to be a boon for them as it gives the right statistics of every post. How many people commented, liked or shared the post. The best part is you can compare between different days.


Another very good feature of the new insights is that we can also calculate the negative feedback of the page. You can check, total number of people who have hidden your posts, reported you as spam or unlikes.

It will help you to plan your content accordingly so that your post reach does not fall further.


We know the total reach of the page is obtained by calculating the total number of people who saw any kind of activity on your page. The graph showcases how people are reached by the page i.e. Through paid ads, sponsored stories, mentions, check-ins, etc.


Page Visits

The page visit tab is dedicated to give you the page level data. The below three graphs offer you the stats through which you can analyze the page and tab visits based on different algorithms like:

  • Page and tab visits – number of people clicked the tabs on the page in a given period of time.

  • Other pages activity – Your page mentions, check-ins, people posting on your page.

  • External referrers – People landing on your page from different sources other than Facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-09-23 172441

Undoubtedly, the new insight has been a great help to most of us. As, now we have the right data at the right time with a graphical representation.

We will be analyzing the different dimensions that the new Facebook insights have to offer!

Twitter for Brands!


What is the future of advertising? Is it television or is it digital, most of us are confused in these two. I personally think, digital has the power to bring advertising to a different level. In this, one of the majorly used way to reach the targeted audience is social media.

Twitter is one of the finest platforms of social media. It’s revolutionary concept of hash-tags has changed the complete way of using social media. Most of the brands are now using Twitter as their main tool of connecting directly to their customers. Here customers’ issues are entertained as and when they appear. Hence, having a Twitter account is important to listen what your customers have to say about you.

Having a Twitter account is different and having good and genuine followers is different. In order to gain followers a brand has to do a lot many things but one thing through which followers can be increased is by spending proper time on it. The problem here is that organizations do not have much time to invest on it hence, they hire advertising agencies who handle their business pages on their behalves.

Recently, I heard someone in the office talking to the client, “Sir, you are getting international coverage”. Actually, he meant that your hash-tag is trending worldwide.

Agencies Do Organizations Pay

Most of the ad agencies do not understand the power of Twitter and they use it similar to that of Facebook. They have less knowledge on Twitter because they treat it somewhat like Facebook. Yes, its another social media platform but every platform cannot suit every brand. They end up doing blunders on brand page.

If you are also handling Twitter handles of your clients like you Facebook then you are also doing it wrong. Tweeting twice a day is never going to solve your purpose. Your tweets will get less responses, few mentions will be there. If you really want happy clients then spend some good time on twitter.

How to do?

The start: While taking the download from the client about his business you’ll get to know what exactly his target audience is. Now, you can search people talking about a particular interest. Connect with them, tell them what you have to offer. With this, you’ll be able to build genuine audience in lesser time.

Hash-tags: Once you have a decent fan base try running a contest using a hash-tag that can explain your brand or the campaign. Selection of an apt hash tag will get you good number of followers and mentions. Never go for a inappropriate Twitter contests.

Flow with the wind: There are certain brands who are hesitant on tweeting using hash-tags that are already trending. There is no harm in doing that. It would be helpful for you to give a little push to the reach of the Twitter handle.

Queries: Being a brand you should never leave your followers’ queries unanswered. Most of the people use Twitter to connect to their loved brands. So, keep your eyes open to take complaints and offer help for your followers.

Quality Check

Make sure you are not tweeting abrupt. Every tweet is valuable for the brand. Good ones will pay off in time but bad ones pay faster so while tweeting stay active, proofread and then tweet. There are some brands who knows the power of Twitter and use wisely.

Twitter Mantra:

  • Stay active throughout.
  • Don’t limit yourself to two or three tweets a day.
  • Connect with new people.
  • Keep running contests.
  • Open heartedly help your followers.
  • Don’t compromise with quality.

Foursquare – The Power of Check-In!!

icon-512x512Since the time internet was introduced it proved as our best pal. It made our lives simpler and fun. We love surfing, reading, watching and connecting to our friends through internet. It has shrunk the world into a device. When we say about device then yes, we are talking about mobile phones. Mobile phones and internet are the perfect companions. They have given us an option to save time and money, they help us to stay in contact with our loved ones and through navigation they never let us forget our ways.

Foursquare, is one of the mobile applications that work using the same map navigation! It is basically another social media platform that has transformed the way of seeing social networking. Through this app in your phone you can check-in wherever you go. You can also add your friends from Facebook and Twitter to it. You can like the check-in, comment over it, make new check-ins, leave a comment, earn varied badges, become the mayor, etc. This may sound like a game but things that you do here are seriously fun!

The statics say that Foursquare has over 30 million users with major age group between 18 to 34 out of which male and female ratio is almost equal. More than 2000 check-ins are done every day and some of the most popular ones are at food, business, fitness and retail. There are 40 million venues to check-in. The power of mobile marketing brought organizations to take this route to reach audience, as a result more than one billion businesses are registered on foursquare to welcome your check-ins.

Foursquare marketing

Just like any other social media platform, Foursquare also allows an organization to reach their customers. It is a great way to increase footfall for any business and more people means more business. So, never underestimate it. Remember, every check-in is important. It is because when someone checks-in at your business premises their network are be notified about it. This makes others know about this venue. If some positive comment is left over it then it is definitely going to be a profit for you.  Besides its own arc, it also posts on other networks like Facebook and Twitter. It spreads faster than any other platform.

How to start?

The very first thing that you’ll have to do is claim your business through its website. To claim business you’ll have to create a personal account first. Search your business venue through the search bar.


When you open the business page there is an option in the extreme right of the page then you will have to click ‘claim here’ option.


Once your business is in your control you can now plan how to increase following, attract people to check-in and increase your footfall.

Through strategy you need to:


You need to tell everyone out there that your business is there on Foursquare. For this you can use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to tell your followers. Keep posting on regular basis about your presence on this platform. You can also add the logo for Foursquare within your premises which will help your customers know.


What could be more amazing that getting discounts on things you purchase. Your buyers think the same way you do. So, provide offers, special discounts or packages to your customer who checks-in at your business. You can divide your offer packages based on:

  • Every check-in
  • First time check-in
  • Loyalty (for those who come often and checks-in)
  • Influencer (who influence people with good comments)

You can also use a combination of any two offers. So, if you see, the whole process is inclined towards increasing the number of people reaching your business.

Inform and Update:

Your most of the consumers are with you because of the services that you offer. Hence, you should maintain the authenticity on Foursquare and update your customers about new offers. You can also provide helpful tips that can help them to save money and get more. You should post on a regular interval on the page.

If you are planning to create a great social media strategy for your business then do not forget to add Foursquare to it. It is going to be a great contribution in your revenue..!!

Feel free to ask any question about Foursquare marketing and also share your feedback!

How to plan an effective Social Media Strategy?


In the highly competitive online world it is important for every organization to come up with a unique strategy through which they can achieve their targets. From generic Google advertisements to comprehensive social media plan everything requires deep research and creative conceptualizing. An online strategy depends on design, content, promotion and engagement. Usage of these five elements makes a tactic good or bad.

The online marketing mainly depends upon engagement because content is the key to it. On internet there are thousands of organizations working in the same domain. In order to be the best you’ll have to play clever. Focus on creating contents that can engage visitors because if you do not then it is easy for them to hop on to your competitors. Along with Search Engine Optimization and a creative website you should also include Social Media Marketing as the part of online marketing plan.

How Social Media Strategies work?

Being highly volatile in nature social media strategies require a lot of efforts and open mindedness of you and your team. You should create a plan that goes exactly to the theme that you have chosen for the quarter. Do not forget to carry these along:

Know the purpose:

While designing a strategy never forget to identify the focus of your organization. Social media can be used in various ways. It has the power to achieve various objectives like:

  • Sales
  • Lead Generations
  • Product Information
  • Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Branding
  • Feedback

Once you are clear with the objective of your organization then creating a suitable plan will become simple for you. As now you know the path on which you’ll have to think. So, try to take proper brief from the management or marketing team before planning anything.

Identify Your Forte:

Every brand has a unique selling point. It’s something different from its competitors. Try to shout it loud on social media platforms. Let everyone know what you have and how it is dissimilar from the market. As an example: McDonalds is a fast food chain but their USP is budget and ready to go meals. IPL (Indian Premier League) is the series of cricket matches but their USP is entertainment. You can relate Apple with innovations and Ogilvy with Creativity.

Discuss with different departments and understand what they think the forte of the organization is. After jotting down pointers select the one you think is going to make your company different from the market and plan accordingly.

Analyze Your Audience:

You are there on the social media because you want to get in touch with your consumers. So, every plan that you make should revolve around them. If you have never analyzed your audience then it’s a time to do it now. It is a good way to create an effective strategy. You will have to be really active on all of your social media platforms to evaluate how many are getting engaged with your posts, what they expect from you, what percentage of total audience is interacting with the page, etc. If you know all these you can design a sound plan. You will have to create specific content for your followers or make necessary changes in the current posting style. Your main focus should be to increase engagement on the page.

social-media-icons-2012Evaluate Different Platforms:

There are numerous social media platforms on World Wide Web like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, etc. Every platform has its own specialties. So, while creating a strategy for your organization you should first know which platform will be able to fetch you a bigger fan base. You should also keep your audiences’ age groups, demographic locations, interests, etc. in mind.

As an example: If you are dealing in apparels and accessories then Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest is going to help your business grow. You can expect conversions from these channels. On the others hand if you are dealing in banking sector then Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr might not be that helpful for you.

Be Open in Organization:

The best way to utilize social media is through letting other departments to add their inputs to it. Never allow one person or a team to handle social media platforms for an organization. Different departments should work together to bring the best out of it. Through this, the page will never get dull as likers will experience a huge variety in content. Also, when you work in a team you get more ideas and social media is also about experimenting and experiencing.

add-a-personal-touchOffer Personal Touch:

Just like you, your audience also wants to connect with you. They do not want a dead page posting like machine. Never let your followers feel disowned. You should be quick in responding to their queries, show gratification to their appreciations, listen to their feedback, appreciate their participation, like every comment and talk to everyone if possible. This will help you to gain loyal consumers. You can even retain an irate buyer. What all you need to do is make the page sound like a human!