Foursquare – The Power of Check-In!!

icon-512x512Since the time internet was introduced it proved as our best pal. It made our lives simpler and fun. We love surfing, reading, watching and connecting to our friends through internet. It has shrunk the world into a device. When we say about device then yes, we are talking about mobile phones. Mobile phones and internet are the perfect companions. They have given us an option to save time and money, they help us to stay in contact with our loved ones and through navigation they never let us forget our ways.

Foursquare, is one of the mobile applications that work using the same map navigation! It is basically another social media platform that has transformed the way of seeing social networking. Through this app in your phone you can check-in wherever you go. You can also add your friends from Facebook and Twitter to it. You can like the check-in, comment over it, make new check-ins, leave a comment, earn varied badges, become the mayor, etc. This may sound like a game but things that you do here are seriously fun!

The statics say that Foursquare has over 30 million users with major age group between 18 to 34 out of which male and female ratio is almost equal. More than 2000 check-ins are done every day and some of the most popular ones are at food, business, fitness and retail. There are 40 million venues to check-in. The power of mobile marketing brought organizations to take this route to reach audience, as a result more than one billion businesses are registered on foursquare to welcome your check-ins.

Foursquare marketing

Just like any other social media platform, Foursquare also allows an organization to reach their customers. It is a great way to increase footfall for any business and more people means more business. So, never underestimate it. Remember, every check-in is important. It is because when someone checks-in at your business premises their network are be notified about it. This makes others know about this venue. If some positive comment is left over it then it is definitely going to be a profit for you.  Besides its own arc, it also posts on other networks like Facebook and Twitter. It spreads faster than any other platform.

How to start?

The very first thing that you’ll have to do is claim your business through its website. To claim business you’ll have to create a personal account first. Search your business venue through the search bar.


When you open the business page there is an option in the extreme right of the page then you will have to click ‘claim here’ option.


Once your business is in your control you can now plan how to increase following, attract people to check-in and increase your footfall.

Through strategy you need to:


You need to tell everyone out there that your business is there on Foursquare. For this you can use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to tell your followers. Keep posting on regular basis about your presence on this platform. You can also add the logo for Foursquare within your premises which will help your customers know.


What could be more amazing that getting discounts on things you purchase. Your buyers think the same way you do. So, provide offers, special discounts or packages to your customer who checks-in at your business. You can divide your offer packages based on:

  • Every check-in
  • First time check-in
  • Loyalty (for those who come often and checks-in)
  • Influencer (who influence people with good comments)

You can also use a combination of any two offers. So, if you see, the whole process is inclined towards increasing the number of people reaching your business.

Inform and Update:

Your most of the consumers are with you because of the services that you offer. Hence, you should maintain the authenticity on Foursquare and update your customers about new offers. You can also provide helpful tips that can help them to save money and get more. You should post on a regular interval on the page.

If you are planning to create a great social media strategy for your business then do not forget to add Foursquare to it. It is going to be a great contribution in your revenue..!!

Feel free to ask any question about Foursquare marketing and also share your feedback!