Facebook Comment Thread – ‘Reply’

Facebook has been continually coming up with new features. After every few weeks we hear something new from this giant social networking website. Few months back we were introduced to a great new search experience through graph search. Later it came along with new timeline look and now again with a new feature – comment thread.

What is Facebook comment thread?

Comment thread is a feature that allows you to reply on any comment by any user over a status, image or video. It comes right below the comment and also notifies the person on which the comment has been made. It is surely a good option for those who want to start a discussion but could not do it because they were not in each other’s friend list.


So, now whenever you find any interesting comment by someone you can directly hit the reply icon and say what you wanted directly to the person. It also creates a different discussion box. The only restriction is that one cannot reply over a reply.

Is it good for a brand?

It is going to be good for brands because it filters the comments based on the sentiments. Positive comments will rank up whereas the negative ones will be down-ranked. In addition to this, the order of the comments of the conversation thread will depend on the interest of the reader. It means that every user might see a different conversation ranking on top. It helps a brand to spread word of mouth which is the most effective and inexpensive way to advertise.

A brand might not have all genuine likers on the page but if one can influence the emotions then it’s not hard to convert as well. Through this feature when people will read the positive comments more undoubtedly their perception for a brand can change. Well it doesn’t mean that on the basis of this function only the brand image will depend, but yes it is be a contribution by Facebook to the organizations.

How to activate or deactivate this?

Facebook has been actively providing an option to every page to activate it. But if in case you didn’t get it by default or you don’t want to use it then you can follow these steps.

It is right there in the edit page section that you see on the top right of the page.

Edit Page

Click on manage permissions

Ye Teja Teja Kya Hai-

Then scroll the page to ‘Allow replies to comments on my page’ and tick the box.

Edit Page 2

And now you can allow or deny people to reply on the comments made on your page.

The only flaw:

Overall the page looks absolutely fine. It is a good way to engage likers in discussions but the only flaw is that it makes the complete post looks messed-up. You will see random reply boxes than normal comments and again cluttered discussion threads.

But if we see on a broader prospective then Facebook reply is going to be a great benefit for brands and for people who likes open discussion on social networking sites. Also, as it focuses more on positive comments it is definitely going to change the outlook of social media marketing.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Comment Thread – ‘Reply’

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  2. This is a stunning post. Liked it very much. There are a few grammar errors though 😉 Couple of places instead of ‘than’ you have used ‘then’.

  3. sumitrana says:

    Oops! I apologize for that!
    Thanks 🙂

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