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LinkedIn is fastest growing networking website that caters to professionals. It is easy and amazing as it does not only offer you an option to get connected to peers or bosses but also allows you to expand your professional networks within your domain. There are several aspects that LinkedIn serves like job search interactions, issue resolving, credibility, professionalism, etc.

LinkedIn records 1 registration every second that makes it one of the fastest growing social networking website and now it holds more than 150 million members. Almost every working professional holds an account on LinkedIn. It also offers paid subscriptions to everyone. It starts from basic business plans to executives ones. Through this blog we will discuss on varied features that LinkedIn proffers to its paid subscribers.

LinkedIn Upgrade Options


LinkedIn guarantees response on InMails. These are the messages that one profile can send to another no matter whether they fall in your connections or not. It is easy and simple. Depending on your plan, you get 3 – 25 InMails per month. To make it more user-centric LinkedIn provides a transparent outlook where if someone does not respond to your InMail within 7 days then it automatically adds back to your account. So, you are not going to spend them without making proper use of it.

Profile Organizer:

It is similar to organizer that you have on your computer. LinkedIn’s profile organizer gives you an option to save your searches for jobs or prospective clients. You can also create folders or notes based on your requirements. It makes work simpler and easy it helps you store all you have saved in your profile.

Premium Search Filters:

In a free account you will not get any kind of filter. Based on the power of your keyword LinkedIn displays its results. With upgraded account you can get up to 8 advanced filters. It improves your search and you will get the creamed layer that you are looking for in lesser time.

Profile per search:

While searching for something on LinkedIn with unpaid accounts, you only have access to limited profiles as it does not display all the results to you. With a paid account you can get entry to huge database which is of more than 150 million users. Through this you will be able to reach more people in your time limit.

Saved Search Alerts:

It is another time saving feature that you can relish in paid accounts. It creates your own profile based on your search criterions. Whenever someone falls in your search filters it notifies you. It acts more like Google Alerts. It helps in finding new people whom you are hunting for.

Profile Statistics:

It is a great option for those who spend most of the times on LinkedIn searching for a good job opportunity. It helps by providing the complete insight of the profile. One can see who viewed their profile, on what keyword it was visible, number of times the profile has been visible in searches, etc. Through this one can make necessary changes in profile to reap good benefits from LinkedIn.

Open Link:

If you are active on LinkedIn and you want people to contact you then it you should offer your contact details with them. Open Link displays your contact information on your profle which allows people to get in touch with you directly.

Sneak Peak:

It is a great feature as it keeps you updated with all the new features added on LinkedIn. You can check out the good ones and if you like you can also upgrade it to your profile. The best part is that if you don’t like new setting you can again change back to your previous ones.

It’s good to have an upgraded LinkedIn profile as it helps in getting the best results in lesser time. These services are designed to cater you comfort in your professional networking.

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Social Media – An Overview

social-mediaSome 15 years back the world knew nothing named – Internet. Was the life simple? The answer can be ‘No’ as well but no one can deny the fact that internet has changed our ways of perceiving things. When people started getting addicted to it, new and highly enslaving ammunition was getting prepared ‘the virtual world of friends – Social Media’.

For India, Orkut turned out to be a trend setter. It persuaded fresh internet users of the country to have a different way of reaching to their friends and family. In year 2009, the number of unique visitors at Orkut was mounting. The graph took a plunge and everyday thousands of users started registering from all across the major states of country. Orkut laid the foundation of social networking, it gave users a unique and a great way to stay connected to everyone in friend circle.

On this beautifully established platter a unique taste of spice was added to the lives of social media lovers by Mark Zukerberg, and this was ‘Facebook’. This new social networking website changed everything for internet buffs. It became one of the reasons for people to start using internet.  From cyber cafes to mobile phones, Facebook entered every possible online space. As a result, Orkut vanished from the market and Facebook grew leaps and bounds with thousands of signups every day.

Along with Facebook that attracted youth of the country, entered Twitter which had altogether a different target audience! With a tweet limit of 140 characters Twitter offered people an option to express more in limited words. This is turned out to be the biggest reasons for people to tweet more. Additionally, it introduced hash tags and concept of trending topic. The competition of getting more followers makes people to tweet more. Every day more than 400 million tweets are done by 288 million active users.

These social media platforms have opened new doors of opportunities for brands to market themselves more rigorously in their targeted group. With advanced filters one can aim at the audience that is of the desired age group, demographic location, interest, etc. It has opened new avenues of growth for organizations.

How social media helps a brand?

Social media platforms create a healthy environment for the brands to advertise themselves. It is a great way to connect to the audience and know their sentiments. As an example, if you are a Tata Sky user and you are facing problems in making bill payment or there is any other issue then you can directly contact the organization through their social media handles. You will be assisted faster. Most of the good organizations remain active throughout the day so that their consumers do not face any problem in using the products or services catered by them. It helps them to gain credibility and also to make consumers aware about the new services launched.

Social Media Marketing for a brand