The Red Equal Sign & Social Awakening on Social Media!


Social Media has been the best way to share our thoughts or opinions on a particular topic. It gives us the way to express more and know others’ take on this too. From political issues to spicy Hollywood or Bollywood news we can get everything through using social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter have proved that these platforms do not only indulge youngsters to share funny facts or their story within their friend circle but also it has international and powerful reach.

A topic is getting viral in US because of social networking sites and people are showing their active support as well. It is about the legalizing marriages of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender in California where the 1996 Marriage Act only allows it between men and women. While the case was under hearing, Human Right Campaign created a logo with a pink equal sign over the red background. People were asked to share it to show their support. Within 24 hours it got more than 25,000 likes and 78,000 shares.

It has sparked light of discussion in Supreme Court over the issue as people were bombarding social media with red equal signs to reinforce. As per the data shared by Facebook, around 2.7 million people changed their profile pictures.

Facebook profile update graph

The graph gives the insight of sudden plunge in profile updates. Abruptly after 26th March people started making changes to their profiles. It was the date when the ‘red equal sign’ first came on Facebook. Majorly college students took part in this campaign followed by other age groups too. A data represents that women were more supportive than men in changing their profile pictures.

On Facebook, famous actor George Takei changed his profile picture which grabbed more than 40,000 likes from his fans. Besides this, Sophia Bush changed her DP on Twitter to show her support. Over all this campaign is a hit as of now every moment people are adding to it. As a result this issue is spreading like fire not just in USA but also on international level.

Red 2

The above map shows the virility of the logo in different regions of USA as per Facebook.

Twitter was nowhere behind Facebook to make people talk about this hot topic. Some of the most trending topics on twitter were #UnitedforMarriage, #equality, #prop8, #MarriageEquality, etc. With this logo came parodies which made people talk more about the issue.

Social Media is designed to give you a space to you to connect with your family and friends but also it has the global reach which makes it eye opener for people and government. As an example, the Egyptian revolution started with a status by a journalist which brought all the gulf countries together and fight for one cause.

Social Media has extreme gravity that stays calm throughout but if something comes in its way then it has the power to unite the world as well!


2 thoughts on “The Red Equal Sign & Social Awakening on Social Media!

  1. Nice informative post. I didn’t come across this news before.

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