Resolution Dissolution

Last few minutes of every year we dedicate our time thinking new year’s resolution. Most of the time resolution for the coming year is from the stock of past year.

This bug of resolution making bit me when I was in school. It said,”Learn Guitar”. Even after 8 years of my school my resolution is still the same.Hoping, this year I will tick the box.

Just after a few years, my promise

big wish list as new year resolution

on new year’s eve was to ‘quit smoking’. I know everyone, who smokes, surely thinks about this. The first year I boasted my strong will. The second year discussed only among close friends. And since after the second year I promised only to myself in mute voice. As no one should know the clone resolution.

Facebook has been a pain for me. 4 years back, my resolution was to understand Facebook better. My every friend was talking about it. And 3 years back my resolution was to control its usage.

In the recent past, I suffered from typhoid, after which i was ossified. Doctor strictly said I will have to eat only homemade healthy food. Since then, ‘Stay fit and eat healthy’  became my favorite new year’s resolution. Unfortunately, no one thinks of eating healthy

when beer and chicken is on the table.

I know, following a simple promise to yourself for only 12 months is not a hard task. Bu
t still my resolutions dissolve every year. The next year burdens up with the past year’s stock

Hoping this year to at least unlist one.


2 thoughts on “Resolution Dissolution

  1. richa sabherwal( Ad & Marketing-IMSIT) says:

    😀 a century back my resolution ws 2 nt make ny resolutions n im still followin it…its easier 😛

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