Time vs Happiness

Today, we are running after everything. Ok, I have a question, why do we say running after but not walking after something? The answer is simple, because we are always in a hurry. We all want to perform more tasks in a very little time.

Everyone  is in acceleration. Most of us don’t even have time for ourselves. Every morning we rush to our offices but do we even get time to see how are we looking today? Unlike those college days when hours were spent in staring at the mirror (as if someone will come out and say “hi”)

We are all in a competition with the longest needle of the clock. And the most scary thing now is clock showing 8:55 am when your office starts at 9 and you still have not reached.

Today each one of us is living in the existence of  ivory tower. Most out of this crowd becomes restless and irascible the moment they step out of their caves.

We have learnt pretending, every one is flaunting others to be the best family in the world, ignoring that the life has become monotonous putting up the masks. I am sure, there are many who have not even looked at the music playlist which (created a long time back) is waiting for someone’s attention.

 We have actually lost the “INNER-SELVES” somewhere, which is too far to have a look even. But we have moved further without it and we are acting happy as well.

Attending parties having good food and wine is only ‘joy’, a highly perishable emotion in life. Try to recall the time when you really enjoyed were happy. It will be hard to collect the pictures of those good times.

Why not to live every moment, every second should be counted, every second should be lived. We can pause the time and stand in too. It’s no more in a hurry as John Cocteau said,” Nothing ever gets anywhere, the earth keeps turning round and round and gets nowhere. The moment is the only thing that counts

True happiness is long term where one enjoys parties and wines but at the end mixes up with the family, have good health, knowledge, art and dreams to live the life it is meant to.


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